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If you’re looking for the perfect smile, porcelain veneers can make all of the difference!

Dr. Chavez uses dental veneers in Lakewood, CO to change the color, shape, size or length of his patients’ natural teeth. In some cases, gaps can be closed or slightly misaligned teeth can be straightened. Just think of veneers as custom-made “shells” that cover the front of your teeth. The front enamel facing of the teeth are tapered down and the “shell” is permanently cemented to the tooth. 

Dr. Chavez offers custom-made veneers using a process that takes about two visits to his office. During the first visit, Dr. Chavez and his expert team will use a buffing process to prepare your teeth. They will also take molds of your teeth. Once these molds are finished, they are sent to a dental laboratory where your veneers are created. When the finished product is sent to Dr. Chavez, he will call you in for a second appointment. It is during this appointment that he will check that each veneer fits properly before using bonding cement to secure it to your tooth. When taken care of properly, veneers can last for many years.



See How It’s Done

This video shows you how veneers are used to improve the appearance of a smile, using traditional dental impressions to create custom-made restorations.

Have Questions?

Dr. Chavez provides patients with veneers in Lakewood, CO and is here to  answer any questions or concerns that you may have. If you would like to learn more about veneers and if they are the right choice for you, please email or call our friendly dental team at 303-984-0307. We look forward to hearing from you!