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Dental Crowns

We’ll repair chipped, broken or missing teeth and restore your smile.

If you’re looking to restore the appearance and functionality of your smile, Dr. Chavez offers porcelain dental crowns in Lakewood, CO.

The truth is that damaged teeth don’t just affect your confidence. They also affect your ability to chew correctly and comfortably. There is a solution for both of these issues: A dental crown.

A dental crown is a porcelain restoration designed to fit over the top of a damaged tooth. A crown replaces gaps left by chipped, broken, decayed, and extremely worn-down teeth and protects the damaged areas. It is especially recommended when there’s a visible crack or line on the enamel of the tooth or extending from a filling. A crown will help this crack from progressing to the root of the tooth.

If you need several dental crowns to be connected in a row, Dr. Chavez will recommend a fixed bridge. This is a porcelain restoration that is used to replace missing teeth. In order to wear a bridge, you must have teeth in front of and behind the missing tooth.

See How It’s Done

Watch our informative videos to see how crown and bridge procedures are generally done.

Here, a dental crown restores a damaged tooth using traditional dental impressions to create a custom-made restoration.

This video shows you how a bridge replaces a missing tooth, using traditional dental impressions to create a custom-made restoration.

Have Questions?

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