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Preserve Your Smile With White Fillings

We practice conservative dentistry with environmentally friendly composite dental fillings.

Treating a cavity involves taking out the decayed portion of the tooth and replacing it with restorative material. Dr. Chavez uses white fillings, which are tooth-colored composite dental fillings that can be used on front or back teeth.

Patients often prefer white fillings to silver fillings (mercury amalgam) because of their natural appearance and the fact that they eliminate the risk of mercury exposure. White fillings are highly durable and provide fracture resistance in small-to mid-size fillings that must withstand pressure from the constant stress of chewing. They also help to seal out bacteria that causes tooth decay.

See How It’s Done

This video shows you how a composite filling restores a damaged or decayed tooth to its natural strength and appearance.

Learn More About White Fillings

Typically, a dental filling can be placed in just one visit to our Lakewood, CO dental office. If you would like to learn more about white fillings and how they can benefit you, please contact our friendly, expert dental team at 303-984-0307 or email us